CJ Hendry

I am currently obsessed with Australian born, New York based artist CJ Hendry. Using ordinary pen and paper to create highly detailed drawings CJ finds inspiration in luxury goods, advertising and consumerism. Hendry's photo realist style was first discovered through her Instagram account and has now caught the attention of both serious collectors and celebrity collectors such as Swizz Beatz, Floyd Mayweather and Kanye West.  

I had the pleasure of chatting with Ms. Hendry during the 2015 art fairs in Miami. She greeted me with a wide smile, open arms and declared 'I'm a hugger" - my kind of girl. She is exceptionally talented, clearly OCD and a total troublemaker. As she spoke about her work, she described the intense process from start to finish. Working 16 hours a day, she does not stop until a drawing is complete and can spend to three weeks on a single piece. At the fair Hendry was auctioning was a massive 9 ft drawing of Nike Mags (aka 'Marty McFly') shoes dipped in black paint. Purchased for $9,000.00 USD, Hendry posted images of herself drowning the highly coveted and culturally significant kicks on Instagram and Snapchat inciting a frenzy of commentary from astonished Sneakerheads. The controversy was for a good cause - Hendry donated 100% of the proceeds ($130,000.00 USD) toward the purchase of thousands of sneakers for the children of New York.