Collecting art should be fun and personally rewarding. Katharine works with new clients to determine how she can be most helpful, and where to begin. There is no formula for being a collector, but Katharine's goal is to bring her expertise, contacts, diligence — and enthusiasm — to every client’s experience.


Extensive due diligence brings confidence to any acquisition, and Bowdoin Projects consults with curators, specialists, other collectors and advisors in Katharine's network, along with art databases, catalogs and reference books to ensure the most comprehensive understanding of any work, artist or collection.


Bowdoin Projects assists clients in completing the purchase or sale of individual works or entire collections, both in the primary and secondary (resale) markets. This includes checking the condition of a piece, price and discount negotiations, framing, shipping arrangements and final installation. Katharine works with galleries, private collections, artists’ studios, auction houses and private dealers.


Purchasing an artwork is just the beginning. Photographs and documentation, tracking software and other organizational tools, storage, insurance and valuations for insurance are all aspects of maintaining a growing collection that Bowdoin Projects can assist with or manage for you.


Through its network of specialists, Bowdoin Projects helps clients with a range of issues related to art collecting, including insurance, appraisals, storage, and conservation.


Katharine is an enthusiastic and experienced gallery, museum and art fair guide. She frequently provides access to artists’ studios and private collections. In every case, it’s an enjoyable, accessible learning experience.